Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lock Your Windows With Your Data Flash Drive

So the point is Windows passwords can be easily cracked by people who have knowledge about it. I just gave him this link to him so that he learns how to use ophcrack. And he was happy knowing about it!

So then he asked me is there any other way to stop logging in into his PC other than passwords. This is the main reason Iam writing this post.

BMS Flash Logon is a very powerful software developed by Blue Micro Solution. It is a very simple tool that turns your specific USB device into a key for logging in Windows, i.e., instead of your password you have to plug your USB to logon to Windows. Amazing right!!!

Steps involved in doing this are :-

•Download the software from the link below. Install and and run it.

•Plug in your USB.

•Open BMS Flash Logon.

•Then type a 14-digit access code for the program and type the letter of the USB drive that is plugged in.

•Then click on "Create My Flash Drive Key".

•You get the below message.

•Then goto the Enable/Disable Logon tab in the tool. And enable both User Logon and Flash Drive Logon Application.

The technique used is simple. The tool creates a file named "bmpl.txt" with the 14 digit access code you typed in. So please be careful don't delete this file in your USB. The only way someone can login to your system is by taking the "bmpl.txt" file in your USB and putting in HIS USB. Then HE can use HIS USB to login. SO BE CAREFUL!!! :D
Download BMS Flash Logon